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I've been very up and down this week in terms of ~emotions~ so I've decided to write a post that cannot fail to make me happy: all about ~*~*~*~LATIN~*~*~*~

Cut because I doubt anyone actually cares about my love affair with a dead language, or linguonecrophilia as Miri called it. )

Expo Report

Jun. 2nd, 2010 03:02 pm
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Now that I'm not so sleepy that I want to just curl up under my bed covers for another ten hours, I will talk about London Expo shenanigans. Headed to [ profile] sascharin's (who is a girl) house Friday evening with Bev, arrived at Marylebone and couldn't see anyone :| So I sent a text to [ profile] cockpuppet asking if the others were at Michael's already. She sent back a text saying, "No, we're in Canada." And then she took me seriously when I JOKINGLY SAID, after we found them, that I had been worried they actually were. B|

So, anyway, along with Tyr (who is a guy) and [ profile] manga_ghost, the lot of us headed to Michael's and it quickly became apparent that everyone was just as awesome IRL as they are online, which was very reassuring because I'd been scared of not getting on with them or something silly like that. But no, I think we got on all right, and much pizza was had by all. Went to bed late after [ profile] morlena arrived and we played some MGS2 (I think it was Friday that we played MGS2...), since we wanted to show Fel the ending. I had to do the bit with the 'oh shit ridiculous number of Metal Gears' because Miri got chaingunned in the face a lot. Also, I discovered that Sprite tastes kinda nice.

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I don't actually have the money for Heavy Rain at the moment, so I downloaded the demo today instead and had a quick go at that. I've been looking forward to this game from the moment it was announced, because the director (and writer and most everything I think? idk) made another game that I quite enjoyed. David Cage, the director, has a thing for wanting to make games that are more like an interactive movie, where your choices affect the outcome, really change it.

In which I talk about Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. )
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I haaaave seen this meme floating about. It's like, write 10 things you wish you could say to 10 people. So, let's have at it~

I guess this got a bit long )

Right. I need Ashley Graham icons.


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