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Meme from [personal profile] admiral :3!A year in review photo meme! One photo for each month of 2011. Somehow I've managed to find photos of me on FB for almost every month, which I'm fairly impressed with. And yeah some of these are fairly big, I apologise.

a colour fade out )
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Nicked this from Iddy! Bold the ones you've read COMPLETELY, italicize the ones you've read part of. Watching the movie doesn't count. Abridged versions don't count either.
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Not much of a post here, this is me saying happy new year (four days late) and mentioning the fact that starting my year with Rob was pretty much the best thing ever and something I could get very used to. In fact, I just kept thinking to myself for the not-quite-a-week that I was with him, "I could get used to this every single day." Okay, I live with him already on the same corridor at uni but that's not the same.

I think those thoughts are a good thing.
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Well this is my first post on my ~Dreamwidth account~ (which I'll cross-post to LJ) and it's a meme because that's all I can think of to do right now. I'm not very good at the blogging bit these days, oh well! Also, my DW account name is suckmy12inch because I've always wanted that name but didn't want to pay to change it on LJ.

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Right, so. Considering my last post was just a load of whinging, I figure I should post a proper update!

I'm back at uni, finally. I've been here for a week and a half now. I spent the first week living with [ profile] pandagore and the other girls at their house. Their bedrooms are massive, it's kind of ridiculous. I should be moving in with them next year, into the room they're currently using as a lounge but I don't even care that my room wouldn't be as big because 1) it'd still be my own room and 2) I'd be living with the awesomest people ever. It's actually still a bit odd not being there. I'm in halls on campus again this year. It's not so bad, I can visit people pretty easily, really, and I've got a mate in the building next door to me, could be worse. The only... well, it's not exactly a big issue but I've not really spoken to my flatmates much. At all. I met one of them on Sunday. He's a fresher called Jack and seems pretty nice although he has a knack for using 'gay' as a derogatory term but I've not held many conversations with him so I've not had much of a chance to tell him off over it.

More about uni and stuff. )
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Pendulum was fucking amazing and this was one of the best nights everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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I've just finished A Dance With Dragons.

I'm not even sure how to convey my feelings on it except with :(
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And then a simple Facebook conversation made everything so much better and I wished I was back at uni even more.
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I'm currently studying for a BA in Classics at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. It involves much Latin and Ancient Greek and is therefore perfect for me. Sadly I don't get any choice on my modules next year - my languages are compulsory and I also need to do 'Research Methods' and something called the 'Classics Project' which apparently is a mini dissertation. I have no idea what I'm going to do for either that or my actual dissertation as yet.

I want to teach Latin when I finish my course so that means taking a PGCE as well. People keep saying there aren't any jobs for Latin teachers but I've definitely seen some about so I'm confident that I will be able to continue doing what I love in future.
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Do Latin and Ancient Greek count?

Because. Those.

I want to do German again.
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Why are half of my websites broken. I'm reduced to arguing about the Harry Potter films on Facebook with someone I don't even like that much and only added on there to be polite, mostly :(
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Just a bit of blah about something I've been thinking about for a while. )

BTW i am totally doing those songfics, i've just been a bit busy over the last couple days and i also wanted to pick the songs first so. YEAH.
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I enjoy this meme so I'm nicking it from DDD.

→ post with a list of your characters.
→ people will choose one character or a pairing of their choice.
→ after choosing, write:
→ (5) snippets per character
→ to (5) songs of your (the writer's) choice.

Refer here to see characters/fandoms I don't mind writing for. If you know I'm in another fandom, you can suggest that one too though I reserve the right to say no :'D

I miss writing, so. I'll give this a shot.
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Nothing deep or thoughtful here, just pointing out I've made myself a new header for my LJ layout because I have been loving Pendulum a hell of a lot recently.

So yeah.

Maybe something more substantial soon. I still have LOTS OF ~FEELINGS~ to try and get down.
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I was going to write an entry last night but then I poked my head into the room where my brother was using the Xbox 360 and got sucked into several rounds of Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops and now I've forgotten most of what I intended to say here.


Well, anyway. I'm at home for the summer now, been here just about two weeks and god I want out already. Yeah, the opportunity to earn some money's nice. That's about it. I miss my friends like hell and there's nothing to do here, other than you know, work. Granted, Lampeter wasn't exactly buzzing with shit to do but it was the people there that made up for it. I didn't mind days of emptiness if I could hang out with people in the evening. There are benefits to being at home though, of course - meals cooked by mum, the Xbox, McDonald's! And the cinema, haha. It's been nice to catch up with some people back home too. I met up with one friend the other day, hung out with her and it's much easier talking to my brother in person. He's never very forthcoming when I try to chat with him on the phone.

I dropped roleplaying altogether. I'd just lost interest and it wasn't fair to hold on to my characters. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it, overall. I don't think I miss it, to be honest. It's sad that I don't have it in common with most people on plurk anymore and that I can't get excited about plots and CR with them but it doesn't seem to bother me all that much. I don't miss having to invest all that time in it. And, well, in some ways, I regret the time I did spend on it during my last couple years at school. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot but I let myself spend too much time with it instead of actually taking the time to notice that, Hey, actually, A-levels aren't a walk in the park, you can't just bluff them like you did GCSEs! Are you listening? Quit staying up until 3a on school nights so you can do those tags. But then again, it's too late to change that and well, I enjoyed it! And things have worked out in the end. Clearing after getting my exam results was a bitch but I got to a uni in the end and I've loved my first year at Lampeter.

Speaking of uni, I think that's part of what I was going to talk about last night. The past few months, especially since the beginning of 2011, have been full of. ...I dunno. Stuff happening. Massive changes, changes in situations and I think most importantly changes in me. I've fucked up some stuff, I know I have, I've fucked up stuff royally in some respects and I don't know how I can ever hope to make it better. I think it's too late, because I realised how badly I'd fucked up when it was much too late. I keep having the realisations when it's past time to do anything about it and oh I can say this all I like but that's not going to change anything either, is it? I don't know what to do about it, I don't know what words could bridge the gap I've managed to create, if any words ever could do so.

Oops. I went to bed after writing all the above and I've come back to it now, having again lost track of what I'd wanted to say. Dad's actually disconnected the internet so I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to post this (never mind, he's switched it back on now). This is getting to be a very rambly post.

Anyway. I was talking about university.

Despite me fucking things up, I still feel like I've grown up and learned a lot about myself and how I deal with things. I've learned I don't have to put up with bullshit from other people if I really don't want to - it's just that it can take me a while to gather up the courage to actually stand up for myself, I guess, or to say what needs saying. Sometimes I need to be told what's what and told that I need to talk. I guess overall I feel like I've become stronger for it. A lot of things sucked and a few things hurt pretty bad and one or two things still hurt badly. A little earlier iTunes seriously trolled me, playing three songs that reminded me of one thing that keeps... sort of stinging, is the best way to put it.

I don't even know where this post is going anymore, oops! I think I have more to say somehow but perhaps for now it's best saved. I've gotten out most of what I wanted to say, I think, at the very least.

This has been a post.
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Mostly for [ profile] veiravx's benefit.

I'm finally getting around to it!
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I took another RP hiatus over the last month during my exams. Strictly speaking, I should be off it by now and could be quite easily. Really, I have plenty of time to RP. No work or exams to do.

But I'm coming to realise just how much I don't miss it. Or how much I don't miss it when I'm at uni, anyway. That said, I was still a bit fail with it over the holidays. I'm just generally not bothered about it anymore. Maybe I could use a long clean break from it. Or just a complete and utter break, and leave it at that.

Also, entirely unrelatedly, it's bloody funny how things work out. I didn't mean to spend most of my afternoon/evening with this one person, I had in fact intended not to do so, give myself some distance, and then just the opposite happened. Not a terrible thing, necessarily, but I can't help feeling it's bad for me sometimes.

How about that Doctor Who, eh? I suddenly cottoned on about halfway through the episode, because of the names. Practically smacked my forehead.
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I'm starting to realise that if I want something, I have to fucking well go and get it. But sometimes the going is so goddamn terrifying.
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I'm collecting my empty Marmite jars, as of today. Because I felt like it. Read more... )
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i came here to write an update and then a fuck off giant bee flew in


IT'S RAINING, MR BEE, FUCK OFF and now I got rid of it.

To be honest, the 'update' I came here intending to write wasn't going to be much of an update anyway. I hardly use this journal, I mostly use it to check my flist and see what's going on. With me, there's not much interesting. Exams starting next week. Not sure if I can make Expo because of an exam on the Friday of that weekend.

I don't have much to say about anything and what little there is tends to go on my tumblr. I've not really slept properly today, I stayed up all night, caught maybe a brief bit of sleep though it was mostly just lying with my eyes closed and listening to breathing.

I'm nearly at the end of my first year of uni, actually. Despite all the hassle with clearing, I'm glad I got to Lampeter. The admin's shit but the people make up for it and I enjoy what I study. The experience has been pretty different from what I expected, I think. I've gotten by living by myself a lot better than I expected, I much prefer it now and I don't really look forward to going home that much, to be honest. Most of my friends are here and I like being able to see them pretty much whenever I want. I enjoy the independence. It's offered some other experiences, some not so good, some pretty damn great. I don't really want it to end.


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