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So I've got No More Heroes 2 now (found it pre-owned for £14.99 and used the last of my GAME vouchers to buy it), and the first thing I hear is Roy Campbell telling me about REVENGE and Travis Touchdown's Desperate Struggle. ...Okay, it obviously wasn't literally Campbell but I couldn't help snrking when I heard his voice. Skelter Helter sounded familiar, from Peace Walker, looks like. ...And looking at NMH2's imdb entry, it's just full of MGS voice actors.

Also, I notice that I get to have real blood instead of black pixels.

Oh, in other news? A-level results tomorrow. Kind of scared shitless. Had a dream where I got a C in Latin - more of a nightmare, really, ugh. We'll see how it goes.
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That was the best exam ever. I love Latin.

Tomorrow, C3, Chemistry on Thursday, Greek and C4 on Friday. THE END IS... ALMOST IN SIGHT. SORT OF.

Asked for an extenstion on my [ profile] route_29 reserve, made a start on some kink_bingo fic, need to do some study for tomorrow, also must buy birthday present for friend and decide what to wear when we see the Scissor Sisters next week.

My sister has discovered how cruel anonymous can be. One of her friends has a formspring and apparently nobody was asking questions, just leaving nasty comments all over it. People suck sometimes.
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Happy Easter, everyone! I got a Toy Story mug. Most of this weekend has been spent tidying up my room and it's much nicer now. It looks like there's a lot more space now that my sister's got a different bed. I've got two weeks off school right now which will be devoted to sleeping studying, because after that, six weeks, followed by half term and then ~exams~. I'm a bit worried about them but it's far too late to be worrying. All I can really do is just believe I can do it, right? And just keep thinking that I AM going to Leeds.

Also, Morty is a dick. Fucking Shadow Ball.
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This is more an update for the sake of updating. I have new glasses. Apparently I'm Shadow Chie, and therefore Kat's prince.

Picture under here for those interested )

I still have Maths and Chemistry work... and Latin but that'll be a breeze.

Can't decide whether to get the new RE5 content for 360 or PS3.

+ves for 360:
More friends on there, more people to play with who have the content?

Have yet to finish it and then I need to buy Mercenaries AGAIN...

+ves for PS3:
Finished it already, have Mercenaries already, won't need to pay for Gold accounts or whatever

Probably not many people to play with.

I should only buy it for one console, considering that I'm trying to save money.

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If I never have to see another iterative formula again, it'll be too soon.

Fuck you, C3.

Also, I made my profile pretty!
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Oh, before I forget: OFFER FROM WARWICK AT LAST! :D

And the exam went well today, I think! Better than the last time I took it. There was a part on vectors that I left because I didn't get it, but other than that, I think I did okay.
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Just got hoooome and my stuff from Amazon is here, two days late. Dead Rising and RE5 for the 360 and the first volume of the Full Metal Panic manga.

Thanks for the good luck wishes for Friday! I spent a lot of today revising and I'm feeling more confident now. I should get to doing some more, and trying out these games. Soon, I really will ask dad about letting me use his Live account.
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Um, let's see... I was gonna make some sort of post about what's going on with me at the moment, I've not done that in forever.

Well, first of all, school's coming to a close. Two more days until the holidays and exams when we get back. Sob. Maths I'm feeling pretty good about, I know if I revise enough I can get a good grade. Chemistry I'm not so confident on. Latin and Greek have exams in summer, so that's quite a way off right now. And in any case, I'm very confident about those two, even at this stage. I guess I should be thinking about my coursework for Greek soon, actually. Something about Athenian democracy, hopefully, though I have a couple plays by Aristophanes I intend to read. And Latin's Latin, still comes easily to me.

No offers from any unis as yet, but I've applied to places that prefer to get all their applications in before making any decisions.


Kat's not gonna be online for a month. Fuck.

I better get cards sent off soon before it's too late, haha. Er, what else... driving's going okay, I guess. RPing's being pretty amazing, this DDD high school virus is killing me - Excalibur is now a running joke in everyone's posts. Dunno what to do with Adachi. He needs to be more active in Mayfield anyway but I'm working on that. DDD!Adachi is in the TV... Wesker's got something planned for New Year's Day. Aizen's just being really quiet AS USUAL ugh. We need to move through canon so that he can start taking the initiative more. Hopefully sending these Arrancar will get him doing a bit more. Apollo's settling in well too! I was so nervous about playing him but I think I've clicked with him and it's going well thus far.

Mmmmm, and I suppose I'm trying to speak my mind a bit more, especially online. I think I do it well enough IRL. Other than with my parents, bleh. I feel like such a pushover online sometimes, lmao, I'm too nice. An anon gave me crit on Wesker, saying that it was like I make excuses for him to lose, and just because he's a villain doesn't mean he always needs to. So, gotta figure out a way to make that happen. Because they're right, he's enough of a maniulative bsatard to get away with some of the stuff he pulls. We'll see.

Er... oh, played the Bayonetta demo. That was a lot of fun, more than I expected. It's like what DMC4 should have been - but with a really hot woman instead of Dante, and she is hot. I'm just wondeirng if my brother should be allowed to play when I get it. Though he has already seen me play the demo so he saw her, er, climax moves.

I sort of think that's it.


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