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Sooooooooo, I've reserved at [ profile] deadculture now and I have a week to write an app.

First though, I kind of need to decide on a canon point for Wesker. I mean, I could go for 5 and pick a point from there (preferably sometime before the OH SHIT VOLCANO thing because otherwise he'll start having a crisis of faith or something- anyway), but I've done that already, been through the canon, and I kind of worry I'd let DDD!Wesker bleed into him a bit.

There's RE1 Wesker, though to be honest that doesn't appeal to me all that much. I like the idea of C:V or RE4 - I need to check what happens to powers. Again. I keep reading over the rules/FAQ and then forgetting the important bits. Those points would be interesting because I reckon his motivations would definitely be different - it'd be before finding Spencer, so he probably wouldn't have the RIGHT TO BE A GOD thing in his head, though I might be able to play up his wish to find the guy.

...This is just a post for the sake of posting, really, I'll hash this out in my head soon. It'd just be nice to get some variety going on, I think! And I've also actually got my Crow app to finish off (just the samples).

And in other news, fuck Jecht, he's being a right dick to me in Dissidia, I was SO CLOSE to beating him just now. Grrrrrr.
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This Code Veronica novel ain't bad. I'd already heard about Alfred's cross-dressing problems but it was still creepy as hell >_>

I ended up finishing off the book and making random comments  )


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