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I'm currently studying for a BA in Classics at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. It involves much Latin and Ancient Greek and is therefore perfect for me. Sadly I don't get any choice on my modules next year - my languages are compulsory and I also need to do 'Research Methods' and something called the 'Classics Project' which apparently is a mini dissertation. I have no idea what I'm going to do for either that or my actual dissertation as yet.

I want to teach Latin when I finish my course so that means taking a PGCE as well. People keep saying there aren't any jobs for Latin teachers but I've definitely seen some about so I'm confident that I will be able to continue doing what I love in future.
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I don't know why but seeing some of the ads in LJ in Welsh makes me laugh.

Nothing much going on recently. I spent the end of the weekend up until yesterday morning finishing up some coursework and now that it's all been handed in, I've been able to get back into RP. I sort of got caught flat-footed at Promenade but I think I've caught up okay~

UHHHHHH what else... I had a good scream at people in my kitchen last night, waking me pup at 4am by making a fuckton of noise, which isn't fun when your room is right next to the kitchen. I ended up calling the porters to send them out because my telling-off did nothing except prompt some stupid bitching from the boys in there. I wish I didn't feel the need to apologise all the time, I saw one of the girls in there today and what I said was, "I'm sorry for yelling last night, it was just late and I wanted to sleep." She said it was understandable but... eh, I shouldn't let myself do that. To be fair, I think it WAS the guys making stupid cracks about me on the other side of the fairly thin wall. I'll be seeing my personal tutor on Friday about it anyway. If I see one of the boys, I know exactly what I'll be saying to him.

What else, what elssssssssssse - exams at the end of the month. Just two, Advanced Latin and Intermediate Greek. Not particularly worried about either of them, I got about 80% on my last Greek test and Latin generally comes easily to me.

Other... sssstuff. ...Oh yeah I'm back in Wales, jsyk. If that wasn't obvious. I made a twitter account that I probably won't use much except to follow my lovely flatmate and her girlfriend's twitter over here. I think they're a good laugh and I'd quite like to see the song they might post. The two of them are pretty good singers and one plays guitar really well.

So... yeah...

My life is average? Maybe, but on the whole, I'm happy lately. Much happier than I was when I made that venting post, haha.

Though I miss my icons :|
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...So, if I ever, say, tried doing some Latin lessons via LJ (I have a few ideas on how it MIGHT be able to work), would anyone be interested at all?

I really miss teaching, okay.
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I've been very up and down this week in terms of ~emotions~ so I've decided to write a post that cannot fail to make me happy: all about ~*~*~*~LATIN~*~*~*~

Cut because I doubt anyone actually cares about my love affair with a dead language, or linguonecrophilia as Miri called it. )
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That was the best exam ever. I love Latin.

Tomorrow, C3, Chemistry on Thursday, Greek and C4 on Friday. THE END IS... ALMOST IN SIGHT. SORT OF.

Asked for an extenstion on my [ profile] route_29 reserve, made a start on some kink_bingo fic, need to do some study for tomorrow, also must buy birthday present for friend and decide what to wear when we see the Scissor Sisters next week.

My sister has discovered how cruel anonymous can be. One of her friends has a formspring and apparently nobody was asking questions, just leaving nasty comments all over it. People suck sometimes.
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...I'm posting this everywhere: plurk, facebook, and now here. Because my RAEG at the idea of anyone trying to close their Classics department is too great for words.

So basically, I'm just asking people to help with this petition:

Pleeeaaaase do it, because apparently September 2010 is gonna be the last year for a straight Latin/Greek degree up there, and they want to get rid of Classic completely. NOT ON MY WATCH.
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Trying to finish off my UCAS acpplication but I can't find the statement of results for my AS subjects last year. So who wants to read my personal statement in the meantime?

Warning: flowery crap about Latin to follow. )


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