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Dear body,

No, seriously, I need those lungs. I know you're determined to get rid of them but unfortunately they are very necessary to our mutual survival. I'm not sure my throat can take much more of this either, it pretty much feels like it's on fire right now. Very not cool when I'm trying to sleep. I hope this is resolved by the time Expo rolls round or I'll probably be horribly murdered for keeping everyone else awake. You have just over a week. Less in fact, if I decide to do this open mic thing next Tuesday.

No love today,

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Number one: Don't fucking talk to me about MGS4.

Number two: Don't even mention Metal Gear Solid.

Number three: Steer all conversation away from snakes, ocelots, ravens, foxes, mantisis, octopi, wolves and the like.

Number four: To take my mind off the fact that I will not be getting MGS4 for at least a couple of days and maybe longer, remind me that Vergil is hot and he's all I ever need.

Number five: If you have to talk about games, talk about Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy.

Number six (optional): Buy me MGS4.

I think that covers everything... I might avoid certain LJs for fear of spoilers and triggering an emo attack.


Oh to hell with being depressed, I'm gonna go snog my posters of Vergil. Laters.


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