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Heeeeey, lookie, I found another memey type thing but this is more for DMC fans I think. Or Dante fans. Either way, I'mma fill it out (and procrastinate over ICT some more, WHUT)

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WHOA HO HO! The end of 2007 has just been getting better and better. Of course, you got Christmas which was pretty good this year, got lurvely presents but no time for that now! (Well, I did like my now enlarged and framed pic of me with Johnny Bosch ^^)
But no time! BECAUSE MORE DMC4 STUFF HAS BEEN RELEASED! The last trailer for this year is up and it blew my mind. My brother watched it with me and gave me funny looks every time I squealed.

And I squealed quite often. Firstly when I saw Dante tossing Yamato around (YES, VERGIL'S SWORD!). In fact, let's see...
Dante throws Yamato about
Me: DANTE quit disrespecting Yamato!
Agnus is being evil
Me: Frigging copycat, the whole yelling "MINE" thing has been done.
Dante turns away from giant floating thing
Me: Dante get your leather coated ass back there RIGHT NOW
Giant statue appear ominously
Me: Oooh. Pwetty
Dante uses Pandora's Box
Dante and his Gay Rose of Death
Me: oaidhoasduahdihuas LMAO *repeats this bit over and over*
Nero gets pwned
Me: Hey, did you see his FACE?! Ha... I mean, poor Nero. Ouch
Yeah. You kinda get the idea.

So, the trailer is awesome and DMC4 is looking set to be an epic game. I showed it to a friend of mine and she had the audacity to say "It's very KH." SHE HASN'T EVEN PLAYED KINGDOM HEARTS! She only knows about it because I babble on and on about DMC/KH/Death Note/obsessions to her during Latin and Science and Maths. And French. Only in French I actually have to babble in French. But yes, the trailer does have an air of Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts about it, but I feel it is countered by Dante and his rose. Gotta love that rose.

Also, DMC4 prologue is on Youtube. Also extremely cool, Nero dispatches demons very easily while being late for Kyrie's big concert HA! You see Dante at the very end, atop a roof. I'm kinda frazzled now, I've been freaking out loads.

Back to mah life... eh, GCSE mock exams soon. Not the real thing but they'll be used to predict our grades in the summer. Not too worried, if I'm honest, I consider myself pretty good in my subjects, I'll be fine. I have been told that I am capable of getting straight A*s in all my subjects and I seriously want to achieve that. Already on my way, took my Maths one last year and after a few mishaps, finally got my A*. This year I'm doing Additional Maths. Admittedly, I'm a bit worried about that, but if I revise, it'll all come good!

Ugh, had to pick my A-Level options. Hate picking stuff. But got it done in the end.. I'm kinda trailing off now. Reckon I need anger management actually. I get pissed off very easily and I'm not good at staying calm. For example, when Demyx killed me AGAIN, I threw my controller against the wall so hard that I dented the wall and the controller's casing came loose. The rumble thing doesn't always work now either, I might have broken that. And last time my PC froze, I threw a hairbrush against another wall and left a hole in it... Whoops. Anyway, that's me done for now.. one last thing...

I made that and I. Love. It.
Edit: I just LOVE how LJ tells you "You've only made ___ friends!" Makes me sound like some sort of sad loner.


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