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I'm currently studying for a BA in Classics at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. It involves much Latin and Ancient Greek and is therefore perfect for me. Sadly I don't get any choice on my modules next year - my languages are compulsory and I also need to do 'Research Methods' and something called the 'Classics Project' which apparently is a mini dissertation. I have no idea what I'm going to do for either that or my actual dissertation as yet.

I want to teach Latin when I finish my course so that means taking a PGCE as well. People keep saying there aren't any jobs for Latin teachers but I've definitely seen some about so I'm confident that I will be able to continue doing what I love in future.
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I was going to write an entry last night but then I poked my head into the room where my brother was using the Xbox 360 and got sucked into several rounds of Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops and now I've forgotten most of what I intended to say here.


Well, anyway. I'm at home for the summer now, been here just about two weeks and god I want out already. Yeah, the opportunity to earn some money's nice. That's about it. I miss my friends like hell and there's nothing to do here, other than you know, work. Granted, Lampeter wasn't exactly buzzing with shit to do but it was the people there that made up for it. I didn't mind days of emptiness if I could hang out with people in the evening. There are benefits to being at home though, of course - meals cooked by mum, the Xbox, McDonald's! And the cinema, haha. It's been nice to catch up with some people back home too. I met up with one friend the other day, hung out with her and it's much easier talking to my brother in person. He's never very forthcoming when I try to chat with him on the phone.

I dropped roleplaying altogether. I'd just lost interest and it wasn't fair to hold on to my characters. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it, overall. I don't think I miss it, to be honest. It's sad that I don't have it in common with most people on plurk anymore and that I can't get excited about plots and CR with them but it doesn't seem to bother me all that much. I don't miss having to invest all that time in it. And, well, in some ways, I regret the time I did spend on it during my last couple years at school. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot but I let myself spend too much time with it instead of actually taking the time to notice that, Hey, actually, A-levels aren't a walk in the park, you can't just bluff them like you did GCSEs! Are you listening? Quit staying up until 3a on school nights so you can do those tags. But then again, it's too late to change that and well, I enjoyed it! And things have worked out in the end. Clearing after getting my exam results was a bitch but I got to a uni in the end and I've loved my first year at Lampeter.

Speaking of uni, I think that's part of what I was going to talk about last night. The past few months, especially since the beginning of 2011, have been full of. ...I dunno. Stuff happening. Massive changes, changes in situations and I think most importantly changes in me. I've fucked up some stuff, I know I have, I've fucked up stuff royally in some respects and I don't know how I can ever hope to make it better. I think it's too late, because I realised how badly I'd fucked up when it was much too late. I keep having the realisations when it's past time to do anything about it and oh I can say this all I like but that's not going to change anything either, is it? I don't know what to do about it, I don't know what words could bridge the gap I've managed to create, if any words ever could do so.

Oops. I went to bed after writing all the above and I've come back to it now, having again lost track of what I'd wanted to say. Dad's actually disconnected the internet so I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to post this (never mind, he's switched it back on now). This is getting to be a very rambly post.

Anyway. I was talking about university.

Despite me fucking things up, I still feel like I've grown up and learned a lot about myself and how I deal with things. I've learned I don't have to put up with bullshit from other people if I really don't want to - it's just that it can take me a while to gather up the courage to actually stand up for myself, I guess, or to say what needs saying. Sometimes I need to be told what's what and told that I need to talk. I guess overall I feel like I've become stronger for it. A lot of things sucked and a few things hurt pretty bad and one or two things still hurt badly. A little earlier iTunes seriously trolled me, playing three songs that reminded me of one thing that keeps... sort of stinging, is the best way to put it.

I don't even know where this post is going anymore, oops! I think I have more to say somehow but perhaps for now it's best saved. I've gotten out most of what I wanted to say, I think, at the very least.

This has been a post.
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I'm still not sure how I feel about roleplaying lately. Hopefully on Tuesday I'll be able to come off hiatus after I've handed in a couple assignments but at the moment, I'm not as enthusiastic as I'd like to be. Before when I've been on hiatus, I couldn't wait to get back to RPing but lately I've been sort of 'eh' about it. But maybe I just need to actually do some tagging and get into it. - SNAP THAT REMINDS ME, I OWE A TAG WITH CROW. Aha, yeah, I was trying some non-committal tagging, so to speak, in DRs and stuff. It does sort of help.

Cut for blah about my weekend. )

What's up with you guys?
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I don't know why but seeing some of the ads in LJ in Welsh makes me laugh.

Nothing much going on recently. I spent the end of the weekend up until yesterday morning finishing up some coursework and now that it's all been handed in, I've been able to get back into RP. I sort of got caught flat-footed at Promenade but I think I've caught up okay~

UHHHHHH what else... I had a good scream at people in my kitchen last night, waking me pup at 4am by making a fuckton of noise, which isn't fun when your room is right next to the kitchen. I ended up calling the porters to send them out because my telling-off did nothing except prompt some stupid bitching from the boys in there. I wish I didn't feel the need to apologise all the time, I saw one of the girls in there today and what I said was, "I'm sorry for yelling last night, it was just late and I wanted to sleep." She said it was understandable but... eh, I shouldn't let myself do that. To be fair, I think it WAS the guys making stupid cracks about me on the other side of the fairly thin wall. I'll be seeing my personal tutor on Friday about it anyway. If I see one of the boys, I know exactly what I'll be saying to him.

What else, what elssssssssssse - exams at the end of the month. Just two, Advanced Latin and Intermediate Greek. Not particularly worried about either of them, I got about 80% on my last Greek test and Latin generally comes easily to me.

Other... sssstuff. ...Oh yeah I'm back in Wales, jsyk. If that wasn't obvious. I made a twitter account that I probably won't use much except to follow my lovely flatmate and her girlfriend's twitter over here. I think they're a good laugh and I'd quite like to see the song they might post. The two of them are pretty good singers and one plays guitar really well.

So... yeah...

My life is average? Maybe, but on the whole, I'm happy lately. Much happier than I was when I made that venting post, haha.

Though I miss my icons :|
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Dude, I don't check my flist for a couple days and Sarah posts?! TYPICAL. Also I will try and do those sentences soon, I got distracted.

So... haha, yeah, university! It'll have been two weeks tomorrow and so far it's been... bloody great, really. I think I've sort of been adopted by people in the halls across from me, since I get on much better with the people on the ground floor there than I do with most of the girls on my floor. However, there's one really cool girl who I get on fantastically with (and we keep making inappropriate jokes about each other, ahahah.)

I've drunk more in the past couple weeks than I have ever ever before but that's okay because that is what you do at university. And I had my first shot last night because you could buy four to share and you'd get an inflatable gorilla and a guy MADE ME have one.

So far I have not set anything on fire which can only be a plus. Not even while cooking bacon, and that's quite the achievement considering that some people have set off alarms while doing the same, BUT NOT ME. I've been eating a lot of canned ravioli, actually, because that's beautifully simple to make.

Lectures started last week. I'm slightly concerned about Latin getting boring, bloody Caesar again. But I've only had one proper Latin lesson, so I'm holding out hope. I love the Greek classes. There's only three of us taking it - well, three of us taking Intermediate Greek, I mean, and the lecturer is a very cool guy so I've really been enjoying those. It's a bit harder for me though because the other two students are second years who did Beginner's last year whereas I did my GCSE from a totally different textbook and we didn't cover everything in great depth. Still, I relish the challenge.

But basically... I've been doing well. A lot better than I'd expected, actually. Lampeter's terrible with admin but the staff and the lectures have been ace so far. Spending three years here (maybe more if I do my master's) might not be so bad.
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Well, I'm off to uni tomorrow. Trying to get my head round the fact that I'll be sleeping in Wales tomorrow night. It's a very odd thought. Part of me keeps thinking that this is all a massive practical joke, like that one TV show... idk, Candid Camera?

Most everything's packed. All the posters are gone from my walls so my sister can happily redecorate while I have no idea what she's doing to our room. Picked out some PS2 and DS games, taking Birth By Sleep aaand Peace Walker.

Trying to find my birth certificate. I'M SURE MUM SHOULD HAVE IT BUT SHE HASN'T HAD ANY LUCK EITHER. I can't quite decide if I'm excited, terrified or... what. It'll be a change at least. I just can't believe it's really rolled round.
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So, got my A-level results yesterday. The morning started off kind of badly when I logged into UCAS and the first thing I saw was YOU ARE IN CLEARING. After a minor freakout, I actually went and got my results which were... heh. I'm very pleased with my Latin grade, at least.

Spoke to the Head of 6th Form about various options and then headed back home to start looking for Clearing vacancies. And now? I'll be going to the University of Wales, Lampeter to study Classics! I think I've actually done pretty well out of this, I was lucky as hell to get a place, especially in such a lovely place. It's in the Welsh countryside and from the videos and pictures I've seen, it looks absolutely beautiful. It's the oldest uni in Wales and the smallest in the UK - less than a thousand students, which is less than my high school, wtf.

I move in on October 4th. I have a month-ish to get ready, which hasn't quite sunk in yet... but I guess I'm officially a student now :)
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Well, my Leeds accomodation stuff has all been sent off and they sent me an email to let me know it's being processed. Hopefully I'll get somewhere nice and cheap. All that's left now aaaare my exams which seem both very near and far-off, probably because they're after half term and I still have a nice little cushion of just over a week before my first one.

Cut for exam schedule. )
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...I'm posting this everywhere: plurk, facebook, and now here. Because my RAEG at the idea of anyone trying to close their Classics department is too great for words.

So basically, I'm just asking people to help with this petition:

Pleeeaaaase do it, because apparently September 2010 is gonna be the last year for a straight Latin/Greek degree up there, and they want to get rid of Classic completely. NOT ON MY WATCH.
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Oh, before I forget: OFFER FROM WARWICK AT LAST! :D

And the exam went well today, I think! Better than the last time I took it. There was a part on vectors that I left because I didn't get it, but other than that, I think I did okay.
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Ah, man. I figured Bristol would probably say no but fuck, I don't like it.

I still need to tell my parents about Exeter as well.

I don't want to.
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Um, let's see... I was gonna make some sort of post about what's going on with me at the moment, I've not done that in forever.

Well, first of all, school's coming to a close. Two more days until the holidays and exams when we get back. Sob. Maths I'm feeling pretty good about, I know if I revise enough I can get a good grade. Chemistry I'm not so confident on. Latin and Greek have exams in summer, so that's quite a way off right now. And in any case, I'm very confident about those two, even at this stage. I guess I should be thinking about my coursework for Greek soon, actually. Something about Athenian democracy, hopefully, though I have a couple plays by Aristophanes I intend to read. And Latin's Latin, still comes easily to me.

No offers from any unis as yet, but I've applied to places that prefer to get all their applications in before making any decisions.


Kat's not gonna be online for a month. Fuck.

I better get cards sent off soon before it's too late, haha. Er, what else... driving's going okay, I guess. RPing's being pretty amazing, this DDD high school virus is killing me - Excalibur is now a running joke in everyone's posts. Dunno what to do with Adachi. He needs to be more active in Mayfield anyway but I'm working on that. DDD!Adachi is in the TV... Wesker's got something planned for New Year's Day. Aizen's just being really quiet AS USUAL ugh. We need to move through canon so that he can start taking the initiative more. Hopefully sending these Arrancar will get him doing a bit more. Apollo's settling in well too! I was so nervous about playing him but I think I've clicked with him and it's going well thus far.

Mmmmm, and I suppose I'm trying to speak my mind a bit more, especially online. I think I do it well enough IRL. Other than with my parents, bleh. I feel like such a pushover online sometimes, lmao, I'm too nice. An anon gave me crit on Wesker, saying that it was like I make excuses for him to lose, and just because he's a villain doesn't mean he always needs to. So, gotta figure out a way to make that happen. Because they're right, he's enough of a maniulative bsatard to get away with some of the stuff he pulls. We'll see.

Er... oh, played the Bayonetta demo. That was a lot of fun, more than I expected. It's like what DMC4 should have been - but with a really hot woman instead of Dante, and she is hot. I'm just wondeirng if my brother should be allowed to play when I get it. Though he has already seen me play the demo so he saw her, er, climax moves.

I sort of think that's it.
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Trying to finish off my UCAS acpplication but I can't find the statement of results for my AS subjects last year. So who wants to read my personal statement in the meantime?

Warning: flowery crap about Latin to follow. )


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