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Well this is my first post on my ~Dreamwidth account~ (which I'll cross-post to LJ) and it's a meme because that's all I can think of to do right now. I'm not very good at the blogging bit these days, oh well! Also, my DW account name is suckmy12inch because I've always wanted that name but didn't want to pay to change it on LJ.

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Right, so. Considering my last post was just a load of whinging, I figure I should post a proper update!

I'm back at uni, finally. I've been here for a week and a half now. I spent the first week living with [ profile] pandagore and the other girls at their house. Their bedrooms are massive, it's kind of ridiculous. I should be moving in with them next year, into the room they're currently using as a lounge but I don't even care that my room wouldn't be as big because 1) it'd still be my own room and 2) I'd be living with the awesomest people ever. It's actually still a bit odd not being there. I'm in halls on campus again this year. It's not so bad, I can visit people pretty easily, really, and I've got a mate in the building next door to me, could be worse. The only... well, it's not exactly a big issue but I've not really spoken to my flatmates much. At all. I met one of them on Sunday. He's a fresher called Jack and seems pretty nice although he has a knack for using 'gay' as a derogatory term but I've not held many conversations with him so I've not had much of a chance to tell him off over it.

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And then a simple Facebook conversation made everything so much better and I wished I was back at uni even more.
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I was going to write an entry last night but then I poked my head into the room where my brother was using the Xbox 360 and got sucked into several rounds of Zombies on Call of Duty: Black Ops and now I've forgotten most of what I intended to say here.


Well, anyway. I'm at home for the summer now, been here just about two weeks and god I want out already. Yeah, the opportunity to earn some money's nice. That's about it. I miss my friends like hell and there's nothing to do here, other than you know, work. Granted, Lampeter wasn't exactly buzzing with shit to do but it was the people there that made up for it. I didn't mind days of emptiness if I could hang out with people in the evening. There are benefits to being at home though, of course - meals cooked by mum, the Xbox, McDonald's! And the cinema, haha. It's been nice to catch up with some people back home too. I met up with one friend the other day, hung out with her and it's much easier talking to my brother in person. He's never very forthcoming when I try to chat with him on the phone.

I dropped roleplaying altogether. I'd just lost interest and it wasn't fair to hold on to my characters. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it, overall. I don't think I miss it, to be honest. It's sad that I don't have it in common with most people on plurk anymore and that I can't get excited about plots and CR with them but it doesn't seem to bother me all that much. I don't miss having to invest all that time in it. And, well, in some ways, I regret the time I did spend on it during my last couple years at school. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot but I let myself spend too much time with it instead of actually taking the time to notice that, Hey, actually, A-levels aren't a walk in the park, you can't just bluff them like you did GCSEs! Are you listening? Quit staying up until 3a on school nights so you can do those tags. But then again, it's too late to change that and well, I enjoyed it! And things have worked out in the end. Clearing after getting my exam results was a bitch but I got to a uni in the end and I've loved my first year at Lampeter.

Speaking of uni, I think that's part of what I was going to talk about last night. The past few months, especially since the beginning of 2011, have been full of. ...I dunno. Stuff happening. Massive changes, changes in situations and I think most importantly changes in me. I've fucked up some stuff, I know I have, I've fucked up stuff royally in some respects and I don't know how I can ever hope to make it better. I think it's too late, because I realised how badly I'd fucked up when it was much too late. I keep having the realisations when it's past time to do anything about it and oh I can say this all I like but that's not going to change anything either, is it? I don't know what to do about it, I don't know what words could bridge the gap I've managed to create, if any words ever could do so.

Oops. I went to bed after writing all the above and I've come back to it now, having again lost track of what I'd wanted to say. Dad's actually disconnected the internet so I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to post this (never mind, he's switched it back on now). This is getting to be a very rambly post.

Anyway. I was talking about university.

Despite me fucking things up, I still feel like I've grown up and learned a lot about myself and how I deal with things. I've learned I don't have to put up with bullshit from other people if I really don't want to - it's just that it can take me a while to gather up the courage to actually stand up for myself, I guess, or to say what needs saying. Sometimes I need to be told what's what and told that I need to talk. I guess overall I feel like I've become stronger for it. A lot of things sucked and a few things hurt pretty bad and one or two things still hurt badly. A little earlier iTunes seriously trolled me, playing three songs that reminded me of one thing that keeps... sort of stinging, is the best way to put it.

I don't even know where this post is going anymore, oops! I think I have more to say somehow but perhaps for now it's best saved. I've gotten out most of what I wanted to say, I think, at the very least.

This has been a post.
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I'm still not sure how I feel about roleplaying lately. Hopefully on Tuesday I'll be able to come off hiatus after I've handed in a couple assignments but at the moment, I'm not as enthusiastic as I'd like to be. Before when I've been on hiatus, I couldn't wait to get back to RPing but lately I've been sort of 'eh' about it. But maybe I just need to actually do some tagging and get into it. - SNAP THAT REMINDS ME, I OWE A TAG WITH CROW. Aha, yeah, I was trying some non-committal tagging, so to speak, in DRs and stuff. It does sort of help.

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What's up with you guys?
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Okay, so, stuff going on. I booked my tickers for Expo today after Michael kindly texted me during my free period to remind me. Another friend gave me her mum's old labcoat for use as part of my Birkin cosplay. I need to get my hair dyed because it's the right style for Chie right now, but much too dark. And then, Bev and I must arrange train tickets and baby, we are set.

Exams are looming ever closer. I have another M1 resit, oh god, my third time sitting that one. I hope it goes well this time. On top of that, two Latin exams, two Greek, three other Maths exams and two Chemistry... not a lot, eh? At least with Greek and Latin I have almost nothing to worry about: the Ancient Greek is only GCSE level and is a total breeze, as long as I learn the sheets of Homer, and Latin has always come easily to me. I'm feeling more confident with Chemistry. It's just the Maths I worry about. We'll see.

Hmm... I recently finished watching FMP, as I think I mentioned in another post. I totally forgot Gauron shows up in episode 2, I must icon that. I'm going through the entire first series and iconning it, crazy thing that I am. I've started watching Gundam 00 thanks to Miri making me download the first series, and leaving me with no excuse. I've seen, er, eight episodes so far. I like it! I'm pretty amused by Setsnua's inability to stfu.

I have so much writing I want to do but for the past week or so, I just stare at the document instead of actually writing. I'll sort myself out soon, this happens often... usually I fix it by doing some handwritten stuff.

Oh, I also promised [ profile] mistytpednaem that I'd write a post gushing about my favourite characters ever if she did one for Shelly de Killer. XD I'll do it when I'm not about to head to bed, and it'll probably be all about Wesker.

On a Wesker related note, I need to stop being so nervous tagging anyone else with him because come onnnnn self, I am the badassest Wesker out there, goddammit.

Anyway... that's enough for now.

Edit: Oh yeah. CAMERON o9 At least this provides lulz.
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Or something. Nicking this idea from [ profile] anesidorian did i spell that right

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Not a whole lot. Saw Alice in Wonderland today, enjoyed it a lot, think I have a mild crush on Alice.

BEAT MORTY HELL YEAH, now I need to beat Chuck... bloody Focus Punch, gah! Also, must fix chemistry coursework.

I bought REmake and a gamecube controller for the Wii. Ordered a memory card from Had great fun discussing Jill's 'cannabis habits' with my sister whenever I found herbs.

When I get paid, I am getting some sweet high heel trainer things from New Look. Because they were AMAZING.

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