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Went shopping yesterday for a skirt and came back with not only a skirt, but a PSP and two games with it. The assistant in GAME was like the devil on my shoulder, literally saying, "You knoooow you want it" and I did, so I yielded. I got Daxter and Ratchet and Clank with it, neither of which I particularly want so I might just take 'em to CEX. Resisted the temptation to buy Peace Walker, I'm saving that for when I get paid next week...

It's been a while since I had a working PSP so I was all "oooooh" at the video and comic sections (I dunno if they show up on the PSN store on the PS3 since that's broken too. I downloaded FFVII - I had that on the PS3 buuuut that crashed so all the data was lost and my save file where I got to... er, somewhere vanished. Kind of eyeing Fate/unlimited too. I want a new memory card, but so expensive, aaaaarrrrgh.

Also, I'm renaming everyone in the game with Resident Evil names. Because I can. At the moment, Cloud has become Chris, Barret is Barry... I guess Tifa will probably be Jill. Of course, the problem with Cloud being Chris is that there are no blond good guys in RE. Eh. I thought about naming him Wesker but that'd be too weird.

UH ANYWAY this is a pointless post. I'm just sleepy, bleh, too much work.

Expo Report

Jun. 2nd, 2010 03:02 pm
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Now that I'm not so sleepy that I want to just curl up under my bed covers for another ten hours, I will talk about London Expo shenanigans. Headed to [ profile] sascharin's (who is a girl) house Friday evening with Bev, arrived at Marylebone and couldn't see anyone :| So I sent a text to [ profile] cockpuppet asking if the others were at Michael's already. She sent back a text saying, "No, we're in Canada." And then she took me seriously when I JOKINGLY SAID, after we found them, that I had been worried they actually were. B|

So, anyway, along with Tyr (who is a guy) and [ profile] manga_ghost, the lot of us headed to Michael's and it quickly became apparent that everyone was just as awesome IRL as they are online, which was very reassuring because I'd been scared of not getting on with them or something silly like that. But no, I think we got on all right, and much pizza was had by all. Went to bed late after [ profile] morlena arrived and we played some MGS2 (I think it was Friday that we played MGS2...), since we wanted to show Fel the ending. I had to do the bit with the 'oh shit ridiculous number of Metal Gears' because Miri got chaingunned in the face a lot. Also, I discovered that Sprite tastes kinda nice.

Cut for continued rambling. )
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Well, it's Wednesday 11th June. The day before the 12th. I'm sure y'all know what this means. MGS4 IS OUT TOMORROW. BUT. But but but. I have no moneys >_> so I'm hoping Dad will be getting it, only I'm not certain he actually knows it's out and he might not get it anyways. Maybe I could tell him to take HAZE back because that game sucks in comparison. I have this whole plan to convince him we need MGS4. Part one: when he arrives home from work, be playing MGS3 and showing off how awesome it is. Part two: get my little brother to lend his voice to my cause. Part three: go on and on about it all evening. Part four: hint that since I only have a French exam tomorrow morning, I COULD go into town and I COULD buy the damn game.

Still, this is nothing to when DMC4 came out. I had the whole day in school and it was unbearable, for me and anyone else who had to listen to my raving. By the end of the day, everyone sat near me during maths knew pretty much the whole story of DMC and I even hinted to Portia that I like teh twincest. Heh. It's okaay, I think she likes Fang/Iggy. But I want MGS4. I need to know what the fuck is up with Raiden. And Snake. And I want some more of those good old Otacon Codec moments. 

Eh, I've just come home from my History GCSE exam. BORING. Let me tell you, my history course has convinced me that from about 1950-1990, the USA was mostly run by idiots with the small exception of Kennedy except OH WAIT he sent people to overthrow Fidel Castro. And that failed. Of course, the Soviet Union was no better... see, the cool thing about MGS3 is that it's sort of history revision! I knew all about Khrushchev! 

Not sure if any of my answers will make sense though. I was supposed to go to sleep early last night because the exam was at 9am. Only I couldn't sleep. So I listened to my mp3 for a bit. Didn't work. Went downstairs, got a drink. Still awake. Started reading through the manuals of all my video games. Well, most of them anyway, some are REALLY boring. I like the MGS ones though. And then I went on my PC, checked my emais, stalked some LJs... and then I saw it was 2:46am and I would be having an exam in just over six hours. I went to sleep then.

Hm, I'm gonna make a sort of to-do list thing.

1. Learn to walk in my prom shoes. The heel is TINY yet I still find myself overbalancing...
2. Learn to ballroom dance from my sister with my partner. It was his idea ^^ And Holly's been dancing since she was six... she gets all these awesome dresses and has to have her hair all done up. 
3. Quit chewing my FUCKING NAILS! 
4. And stop chewing my bottom lip, blood tastes nice but it hurts. 
5. Get a new PS2 controller and then have a Squeenix fest - lotsa Kingdom Hearts and FF12!! 
6. When I have my new controller, remember not to throw it at the wall.
7. Write next chapter of fic...
8. Never ever tell 

[profile] dantes_girl about yaoi in my dreams again.
9. Complete FF7: Dirge of Cerberus.
10. Make a birthday present list.

I already have ideas for my presents from my parents XD. Namely, MGS1 and FF7 and FF8. Gotta love the PS1 classics. Also, never actually played MGS1 myself, just sat and watched Dad suck at it. 

Oh. There was something I wanted to post...    "I think I've encountered a cave demon!!"


Peace out ^^

EDIT: I've noticed that I seem to swear on my LJ, more than I do in real life...  I blame 

[profile] vergils_lover  :P



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