Even if I will forever lament Wesker ;;

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SO. Looks like it'll be C:V!Wesker heading to [ profile] deadculture (if I can keep my nerve). This calls for canon reviewing and probably another account. This means that I might be able to play him with more of an interest in the cause of the infection in-game, since Wesker at that point was running around collecting virus samples.

Cool. Man, wouldn't it be cool if Steve showed up.

...Ah, I wonder if he'll need his serum.
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Sooooooooo, I've reserved at [ profile] deadculture now and I have a week to write an app.

First though, I kind of need to decide on a canon point for Wesker. I mean, I could go for 5 and pick a point from there (preferably sometime before the OH SHIT VOLCANO thing because otherwise he'll start having a crisis of faith or something- anyway), but I've done that already, been through the canon, and I kind of worry I'd let DDD!Wesker bleed into him a bit.

There's RE1 Wesker, though to be honest that doesn't appeal to me all that much. I like the idea of C:V or RE4 - I need to check what happens to powers. Again. I keep reading over the rules/FAQ and then forgetting the important bits. Those points would be interesting because I reckon his motivations would definitely be different - it'd be before finding Spencer, so he probably wouldn't have the RIGHT TO BE A GOD thing in his head, though I might be able to play up his wish to find the guy.

...This is just a post for the sake of posting, really, I'll hash this out in my head soon. It'd just be nice to get some variety going on, I think! And I've also actually got my Crow app to finish off (just the samples).

And in other news, fuck Jecht, he's being a right dick to me in Dissidia, I was SO CLOSE to beating him just now. Grrrrrr.
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I know it's blurry but that, my friends, is a motherfucking RE4 chainsaw controller.
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I can't stop watching the second Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer in order to analyse and ruthlessly bitch about it. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it in all its... 'glory'.

Also, I cannot believe I died at the first boss in FFVII. That's just lame.
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Went shopping yesterday for a skirt and came back with not only a skirt, but a PSP and two games with it. The assistant in GAME was like the devil on my shoulder, literally saying, "You knoooow you want it" and I did, so I yielded. I got Daxter and Ratchet and Clank with it, neither of which I particularly want so I might just take 'em to CEX. Resisted the temptation to buy Peace Walker, I'm saving that for when I get paid next week...

It's been a while since I had a working PSP so I was all "oooooh" at the video and comic sections (I dunno if they show up on the PSN store on the PS3 since that's broken too. I downloaded FFVII - I had that on the PS3 buuuut that crashed so all the data was lost and my save file where I got to... er, somewhere vanished. Kind of eyeing Fate/unlimited too. I want a new memory card, but so expensive, aaaaarrrrgh.

Also, I'm renaming everyone in the game with Resident Evil names. Because I can. At the moment, Cloud has become Chris, Barret is Barry... I guess Tifa will probably be Jill. Of course, the problem with Cloud being Chris is that there are no blond good guys in RE. Eh. I thought about naming him Wesker but that'd be too weird.

UH ANYWAY this is a pointless post. I'm just sleepy, bleh, too much work.


Jun. 15th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Thanks to a stray comment on rpanoncomm, it looks like I'm gonna need me a 3DS.

Or look up walkthroughs on Youtube when they inevitably end up there.

Looks more like Jill to me, but I dunno, I'm not gonna try guessing too much at what Capcom's up to because it's bloody impossible to guess with them.

Cut for a couple screens. )

AAAAND I have just seen this.

"This may very well be the game they were talking about going with the new Resident Evil movie, sounding more likely since the movies catch is it’s in 3D and one of the consoles catches is the games are in 3D without glasses."

CAPCOM, DON'T, PLEASE. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now I'm gonna be sdfkjlsdfjdklsdf for ages until we find out more AAAAAH all right done.

Expo Report

Jun. 2nd, 2010 03:02 pm
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Now that I'm not so sleepy that I want to just curl up under my bed covers for another ten hours, I will talk about London Expo shenanigans. Headed to [ profile] sascharin's (who is a girl) house Friday evening with Bev, arrived at Marylebone and couldn't see anyone :| So I sent a text to [ profile] cockpuppet asking if the others were at Michael's already. She sent back a text saying, "No, we're in Canada." And then she took me seriously when I JOKINGLY SAID, after we found them, that I had been worried they actually were. B|

So, anyway, along with Tyr (who is a guy) and [ profile] manga_ghost, the lot of us headed to Michael's and it quickly became apparent that everyone was just as awesome IRL as they are online, which was very reassuring because I'd been scared of not getting on with them or something silly like that. But no, I think we got on all right, and much pizza was had by all. Went to bed late after [ profile] morlena arrived and we played some MGS2 (I think it was Friday that we played MGS2...), since we wanted to show Fel the ending. I had to do the bit with the 'oh shit ridiculous number of Metal Gears' because Miri got chaingunned in the face a lot. Also, I discovered that Sprite tastes kinda nice.

Cut for continued rambling. )
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Okay, so, stuff going on. I booked my tickers for Expo today after Michael kindly texted me during my free period to remind me. Another friend gave me her mum's old labcoat for use as part of my Birkin cosplay. I need to get my hair dyed because it's the right style for Chie right now, but much too dark. And then, Bev and I must arrange train tickets and baby, we are set.

Exams are looming ever closer. I have another M1 resit, oh god, my third time sitting that one. I hope it goes well this time. On top of that, two Latin exams, two Greek, three other Maths exams and two Chemistry... not a lot, eh? At least with Greek and Latin I have almost nothing to worry about: the Ancient Greek is only GCSE level and is a total breeze, as long as I learn the sheets of Homer, and Latin has always come easily to me. I'm feeling more confident with Chemistry. It's just the Maths I worry about. We'll see.

Hmm... I recently finished watching FMP, as I think I mentioned in another post. I totally forgot Gauron shows up in episode 2, I must icon that. I'm going through the entire first series and iconning it, crazy thing that I am. I've started watching Gundam 00 thanks to Miri making me download the first series, and leaving me with no excuse. I've seen, er, eight episodes so far. I like it! I'm pretty amused by Setsnua's inability to stfu.

I have so much writing I want to do but for the past week or so, I just stare at the document instead of actually writing. I'll sort myself out soon, this happens often... usually I fix it by doing some handwritten stuff.

Oh, I also promised [ profile] mistytpednaem that I'd write a post gushing about my favourite characters ever if she did one for Shelly de Killer. XD I'll do it when I'm not about to head to bed, and it'll probably be all about Wesker.

On a Wesker related note, I need to stop being so nervous tagging anyone else with him because come onnnnn self, I am the badassest Wesker out there, goddammit.

Anyway... that's enough for now.

Edit: Oh yeah. CAMERON o9 At least this provides lulz.
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Who wants to see my new Licker action figure? I know you do!! Linked for size.

Snake's thinking, 'Oh shit'.

Finally finished season one of FMP and I feel totally justified in my use of this Gauron icon. Awesome.
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Who's seen the trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife?
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Not a whole lot. Saw Alice in Wonderland today, enjoyed it a lot, think I have a mild crush on Alice.

BEAT MORTY HELL YEAH, now I need to beat Chuck... bloody Focus Punch, gah! Also, must fix chemistry coursework.

I bought REmake and a gamecube controller for the Wii. Ordered a memory card from Had great fun discussing Jill's 'cannabis habits' with my sister whenever I found herbs.

When I get paid, I am getting some sweet high heel trainer things from New Look. Because they were AMAZING.

And now, an icon meme. )
Okay, I got some of the DLC for PS3, just the Lost in Nightmares chapter and the bits that came with that. I'll get the other stuff all for 360 another time.


Cut for possible spoilers and so on. )

Overall, I liked it. Just wish they'd explained more.
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This is more an update for the sake of updating. I have new glasses. Apparently I'm Shadow Chie, and therefore Kat's prince.

Picture under here for those interested )

I still have Maths and Chemistry work... and Latin but that'll be a breeze.

Can't decide whether to get the new RE5 content for 360 or PS3.

+ves for 360:
More friends on there, more people to play with who have the content?

Have yet to finish it and then I need to buy Mercenaries AGAIN...

+ves for PS3:
Finished it already, have Mercenaries already, won't need to pay for Gold accounts or whatever

Probably not many people to play with.

I should only buy it for one console, considering that I'm trying to save money.

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Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions:

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret

And Kat gave me Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Soul Eater.

and you take it like a whore )
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So I found a thing

Aaaand, let's see. Exams are over now. I need to unwiiiind... RE5 on the 360 later, maybe. Right now I'm keeping an eye on the dog. Just finished playing DSC a bit, Alfred is so silly, the poor man. Almost makes me want to app him again but I've already got a waiting list.

I want to give Wesker a new layout again...

Other than that, not - OH wait lmao, I was playing RE4 last night and made a right idiot of myself getting killed by Krauser twice because I was checking Plurk instead of playing and then I got killed by the goddamn lasers. Also, I am still pretty good at DMC3. SSSTLYLISH~ Also, also! I snuck up on that one regenerator, I was so impressed with myself. The eyes are so horrible.

Oh, yeah, Sarah, I added you on Plurk, though I know you don't use it, lmao.

And pffffft, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories comes out on the 5th March. I want it, you get to colour stuff in.


the pokémon meme


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