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Oh yeah, that Pokemon meme, huh?

The next one's Poison but I don't use Poison much and I don't have my DS on me to check, so instead, uh...

Well, what's been happening? I've been spending a lot of time just hanging out with friends recently. I got Marvel vs Capcom 3 last week and though I don't have my own Xbox here at uni, one of my friends does and he's very happy to let me have a play on it, so generally a group of us pile into his room to play stuff. I really love it already, it's a completely manic game. Amaterasu is proving more effective than I'd expected! And Wesker is just hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. My friends had to put up with me going through all his voice files, hahaha.

Uh, uni's been good. We're doing select letters from Ovid's Heroides in Latin at the moment - Penelope, Phyllis, Dido and someone whose name I have forgotten. Nearly finished the textbook in Greek and I'll soon be working on one of Lysias's speeches. I had a test yesterday, actually, and the unseen translation in that was some unadapted Lysias, something about some guy called Eupholetus (idk the spelling) defending himself for killing his wife's lover. Fun stuff.

I've gone on hiatus at my two games, because I felt like I wasn't around enough to do my characters justice. I'm still a bit uncertain on what to do about RP but I'm excited about some stuff I could be doing soon, so hopefully I'll get back into that.

Oh, I have a tumblr now, completeglobalsaturation.

I don't think there's anything else pressing UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah. There's a few things that need figuring out but isn't that always the way?

The first of these things is my lack of bread.
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So, New Year's Eve. Exciting stuff. ...Heh, not really this year, we're not doing anything special. I was thinking earlier that 2010 for me has been a year with both the highest points and the lowest points of my life so far - one long rollercoaster.

Blah blah blah ~reflections~ )
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☆ Make a voice post with the following things so that your F-list can hear how you pronounce them (and laugh at you, of course):

▊ Your name and/or username
▊ Where you're from
▊ The words "roof", "aunt", "direction", and "naturally"
▊ Your favorite song
▊ Your favorite character
▊ A word in a different language

I'm such a nerd for Latin.


I was supposed to be going home today but because of the snow, Dad can't drive up to collect me. Shit sucks.
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...I had every intention of leaving my layout alone until Christmas.

But then I didn't. Oh well.
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I've decided to nick this meme from [ profile] atrypical. So this is the 30 day video game meme~

Day 1 - Very first videogame.
Mario 64 or something...? Whichever one was on the N64 I guess, haha. The first one I can properly remember playing anyway. It used to scare me as a kid because I was terrified of the giant bomb king running round on top of a big hill. I used to climb up there, intending to KILL IT THIS TIME but then I'd freak out and jump back all the way down.

...Kind of silly considering the stuff I play now but there you go.

The Whole Meme. )
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i swear i'm going to bed, i just had to kick some idiots out of my floor

anon meme.

this is the best night ever
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Characters/pairing + prompt = LATTE hopefully WRITES A SENTENCE FOR YOU :> Any fandom (that I know) aaaand RP-verse goes!

I WILL TRY TO DO THIS and man i swear there will be a proper update soon. just know that i already love my lectures.
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my thread here

There will be an actual update about how uni is on Sunday after my trip to the Roman mines at Dolaucothi.

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I got this article from Tif via plurk. I've found it absolutely fascinating and I think everyone should have a read of it, really.
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The How's My Driving? Meme

In other news, I've nearly finished my Discedo app...

Er, that's about it for now.
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So I've got No More Heroes 2 now (found it pre-owned for £14.99 and used the last of my GAME vouchers to buy it), and the first thing I hear is Roy Campbell telling me about REVENGE and Travis Touchdown's Desperate Struggle. ...Okay, it obviously wasn't literally Campbell but I couldn't help snrking when I heard his voice. Skelter Helter sounded familiar, from Peace Walker, looks like. ...And looking at NMH2's imdb entry, it's just full of MGS voice actors.

Also, I notice that I get to have real blood instead of black pixels.

Oh, in other news? A-level results tomorrow. Kind of scared shitless. Had a dream where I got a C in Latin - more of a nightmare, really, ugh. We'll see how it goes.
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SO. Looks like it'll be C:V!Wesker heading to [ profile] deadculture (if I can keep my nerve). This calls for canon reviewing and probably another account. This means that I might be able to play him with more of an interest in the cause of the infection in-game, since Wesker at that point was running around collecting virus samples.

Cool. Man, wouldn't it be cool if Steve showed up.

...Ah, I wonder if he'll need his serum.
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Sooooooooo, I've reserved at [ profile] deadculture now and I have a week to write an app.

First though, I kind of need to decide on a canon point for Wesker. I mean, I could go for 5 and pick a point from there (preferably sometime before the OH SHIT VOLCANO thing because otherwise he'll start having a crisis of faith or something- anyway), but I've done that already, been through the canon, and I kind of worry I'd let DDD!Wesker bleed into him a bit.

There's RE1 Wesker, though to be honest that doesn't appeal to me all that much. I like the idea of C:V or RE4 - I need to check what happens to powers. Again. I keep reading over the rules/FAQ and then forgetting the important bits. Those points would be interesting because I reckon his motivations would definitely be different - it'd be before finding Spencer, so he probably wouldn't have the RIGHT TO BE A GOD thing in his head, though I might be able to play up his wish to find the guy.

...This is just a post for the sake of posting, really, I'll hash this out in my head soon. It'd just be nice to get some variety going on, I think! And I've also actually got my Crow app to finish off (just the samples).

And in other news, fuck Jecht, he's being a right dick to me in Dissidia, I was SO CLOSE to beating him just now. Grrrrrr.
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This is a list of Sonata Arctica songs that I have for a friend to pick and choose from, if anyone else would fancy any, let me know?

Long list is long. )
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I made a very short start on Peace Walker today. Unfortunately, I started not long before going out for a birthday meal (they gave me my dessert for free), so I had to stop.

...I like it so far, though, and I love that Kaz is Travis Touchdown. That's about all I've taken away from it at the moment.

BUT I also made a start on Bioshock, killed Steinman, and I've been... very impressed. Not quite blown away but close to it! And now I have far too many games to play and complete.

It's been a good 18th.

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I've been plugging bits of my writing into that "I write like ___" thing and after twelve samples, I've gotten H.P Lovecraft, James Joyce twice, Ian Fleming twice, George Orwell, Stephen King three times, J.D Salinger (who I have never heard of...), and Dan Brown twice. Yeah, I dunno.

(I plugged in that paragraph and it said Stephen King, that can be the overall decider.)
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[ profile] banerry made me do it. Indirectly.

INNN OTHER NEWS, I started reading Deadman Wonderland and kind of blasted through all the scanlated stuff and now I'm going to search for Crow icons and maybe make an account.

There are too many people I want to app :|

ღ love meme
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That was the best exam ever. I love Latin.

Tomorrow, C3, Chemistry on Thursday, Greek and C4 on Friday. THE END IS... ALMOST IN SIGHT. SORT OF.

Asked for an extenstion on my [ profile] route_29 reserve, made a start on some kink_bingo fic, need to do some study for tomorrow, also must buy birthday present for friend and decide what to wear when we see the Scissor Sisters next week.

My sister has discovered how cruel anonymous can be. One of her friends has a formspring and apparently nobody was asking questions, just leaving nasty comments all over it. People suck sometimes.
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Disclaimer: I did not write ANY OF THIS OKAY, posting for other people's benefit, since I have no idea where else to find this.

Jesus and Hitler: A Romance )


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