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Sooooooooo, I've reserved at [ profile] deadculture now and I have a week to write an app.

First though, I kind of need to decide on a canon point for Wesker. I mean, I could go for 5 and pick a point from there (preferably sometime before the OH SHIT VOLCANO thing because otherwise he'll start having a crisis of faith or something- anyway), but I've done that already, been through the canon, and I kind of worry I'd let DDD!Wesker bleed into him a bit.

There's RE1 Wesker, though to be honest that doesn't appeal to me all that much. I like the idea of C:V or RE4 - I need to check what happens to powers. Again. I keep reading over the rules/FAQ and then forgetting the important bits. Those points would be interesting because I reckon his motivations would definitely be different - it'd be before finding Spencer, so he probably wouldn't have the RIGHT TO BE A GOD thing in his head, though I might be able to play up his wish to find the guy.

...This is just a post for the sake of posting, really, I'll hash this out in my head soon. It'd just be nice to get some variety going on, I think! And I've also actually got my Crow app to finish off (just the samples).

And in other news, fuck Jecht, he's being a right dick to me in Dissidia, I was SO CLOSE to beating him just now. Grrrrrr.
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...I'm posting this everywhere: plurk, facebook, and now here. Because my RAEG at the idea of anyone trying to close their Classics department is too great for words.

So basically, I'm just asking people to help with this petition:

Pleeeaaaase do it, because apparently September 2010 is gonna be the last year for a straight Latin/Greek degree up there, and they want to get rid of Classic completely. NOT ON MY WATCH.


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