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Who wants to see my new Licker action figure? I know you do!! Linked for size.

Snake's thinking, 'Oh shit'.

Finally finished season one of FMP and I feel totally justified in my use of this Gauron icon. Awesome.
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Okay so we went to the London Expo yesterday and it was completely and utterly insane. As you probably know, [profile] dantes_girland I cosplayed as Trish and Lady respectively. I've some pics but I'm only putting the ones of me up at the moment because I'm nice like that. (Me, nice? Suuuure.)

I've kind of forgotten the main details. We went in and out, spending most time outside where it was cooler and not as crowded. I saw the people who do Demyx Time and the Sora Show (if you like Kingdom Hearts, I strongly urge you to check them out on Youtube), cosplaying Sora and Riku. The two were 'battling' Squall Lionheart a.k.a Leon and lots of people were gathered round. Then they started having a shouting match and [profile] superstarmidgetand I joined in yelling "KINGDOM HEARTS! KINGDOM HEARTS!" Then Sora noticed me and my gun (which I've named Kally) and immediately declared, "She's on my team!" I even went and joined in. That is, until Sora broke Leon's gunblade and Leon fled down the steps. My boots kinda restriced ankle movement so I couldn't give proper chase. 

Oh and then there was the Cosplay Rave with many cosplayers dancing to random songs. There was also Musical Statues with a prize for the best pose. I failed ENTIRELY at this. I tried to do a pose and I guess I twitched and a sharp eyed guy spotted me. He did say sorry though when I picked up Kally which was very much taller than me. Oh I bought a Death Note t-shirt with a picture of Light and the word 'Kira' on it. I've exhausted my account now because really it was more of the same. It was cool though, loads of people took pictures - one person took one and then before you knew it there was a small crowed round you - and many others commented on the fact that Kally was "fucking huge!"



Posing Lady!

Dead Lady and a bottle of Coca-Cola

And maybe more later if I find 'em/


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