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Not a whole lot. Saw Alice in Wonderland today, enjoyed it a lot, think I have a mild crush on Alice.

BEAT MORTY HELL YEAH, now I need to beat Chuck... bloody Focus Punch, gah! Also, must fix chemistry coursework.

I bought REmake and a gamecube controller for the Wii. Ordered a memory card from Had great fun discussing Jill's 'cannabis habits' with my sister whenever I found herbs.

When I get paid, I am getting some sweet high heel trainer things from New Look. Because they were AMAZING.

And now, an icon meme. )
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I gave into temptation today and bought a copy of Heart Gold from Blockbuster, after dithering for five minutes about a) whether to get it and b) WHICH ONE. But I went for Gold, seeing as that's the one I had all those years agoooo. I've only played it a little during my lunch break, thus far I have a timid Cyndaquil that tends to doze off. He is called Apollo, after Mr. Justice. Thief Boy will soon be Luis. Or Miiiiiike. I'm not sure yet.

I've been in a much better mood recently. The other night, I really felt like my usual 8DDDDD self and oh god it felt brilliant. I guess the fact that I'd been feeling crap for nearly a month before that just made it so much brighter.

I had Durarara!! episode 7 downloaded but the player kept skipping on the sound so I just watched that online... and then Franzy made me start Umineko, so I watched the first episode of THAT yesterday. Eva (or 'bitch with the fan') reminds me of Medusa from Soul Eater. Only then someone told me that Umineko is like the... second or third season of Higurashi? Idk. I want to watch that now because I was thorughly spoiled about one of the characters and I've totally fallen in love with them.

Aaaaand that's about it for now.
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Just got hoooome and my stuff from Amazon is here, two days late. Dead Rising and RE5 for the 360 and the first volume of the Full Metal Panic manga.

Thanks for the good luck wishes for Friday! I spent a lot of today revising and I'm feeling more confident now. I should get to doing some more, and trying out these games. Soon, I really will ask dad about letting me use his Live account.


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