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Obscure title, no? Well, they all have some relevance in this, the latest instalment of Vergil_girl's thoughts and musings. First thing, before I forget to mention it, I'm thinking of writing a Harry Potter/DMC fan fic. I got it allllll planned out, but just hit me with your thoughts, yeah? Well, not literally hit because that'd be nasty and painful. So just tell me your thoughts instead...

Yeah, allow me to explain the relevance of Teletubbies in this post. The other day my family had gone out, I forget where, so I was flicking through the satellite channels, cursing Scuzz because it kept showing that bloody Download festival. It was cool the first time but by then I'd seen it, oh, three times. So I started from the top of the list of channels and I come across the Teletubbies. Instead of snorting derisively and continuing with my channel hopping, I sat and watched the whole thing. It was the one where a merry-go-round thing came down with a yellow tap-dancing bear inside it... I distinctly remember seeing that one when I was about four. Ah, nostalgia...

Yesterday I watched Doctor Who. Needless to say, I loved it. The Master is definitely one of my fave bad guys of all time. He called the Doctor a public menace, much to my amusement. He's brilliant, seriously. I love bad guys who have that particular brand of insanity. And the way the Americans stuck their nose in and then the President got killed... I probably shouldn't find that funny but I do XD.

About the penicillin... okay, you remember I was complaining of a sore throat? Well, it disappeared, and then it returned from the fiery depths of wherever throat infections go when they're not irritating people. Anyway, my throat was in dire pain once more, and I stayed home on Tuesday I think it was. I went to the doctor's and he took one look down my throat and said, "Oh my god." Very encouraging and reassuring, wouldn't you say? He prescribed a course of penicillin tablets, which I must take for a week.

That reminds me, I'm starting work experience tomorrow. That should be a bundle of fun. I'm going to my old primary school to help out with the Year Threes (seven and eight year old kids to anyone who doesn't get our school system). My brother happens to be in Year Three so I should see a lot of him. My sister meanwhile will be going on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight for five days, which means she is GONE for that time. Great! No, I am not an evil unloving sister. It'll just be nice to have the room to myself for a little bit. I share a bedroom with my sis and sometimes it gets a leetle irritating, you see?

My hands hurt from all this typing now. Oh yeah, before I go, Pure Vengeance (my website) will be getting a new layout because I am such a copycat and dantes_girl has a new layout, so I've decided I will make a new layout too! Farewell for now, Constant Reader! (I likes calling you lot Constant Reader)


Jun. 17th, 2007 05:14 pm
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Need I say more? Mwahaha. Yeah, went to the fair yesterday in Marlow with a whole bunch of friends, Shadow among them, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Haven't been that hyper in a long long time indeed. Once again, mwahahaha.

This fact may worry some of you, but I brought a couple of plastic guns along, because Shadow wanted to get a pic of us doing the JACKPOT thing. And we forgot to do it, didn't we!!! GWAAAAAH!! Oh well. I managed to yell a whole bunch of DMC quotes, oh yes indeed. There was this ride called Mega Motion and it kinda swung you round and... yeah, anyway, at the top, I yelled "JACKPOT!!!!" at the top of my voice and then as we went round and up again, I would yell stuff like "BLAST OFF!" Eventually I worked my way round to "Might controls everything... you are not worthy as my opponent..." and then finally I was screeching "DIE". I'm not sure if people thought I was insane. It's highly possible I guess XD.

And then we went back to Femke's house and had food and Coca-Cola (the sixth love of my life, or thereabouts) and then we watched Doctor Who! It was AMAZING! We all kept sqeualing at random parts - well, I did. If Shadow squealed, it was discreet squealing. And I won't say anything about the episode in case of spoilers except WOW!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, I made this using Sara's tutorial *hugs the lovely thing* and I'm really proud of it so...

That's about it for now, I just needed to say... stuff... oh and I just got back from swimming with my siblings and I reek of chlorine. Lovely.


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