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Well, I'm off to uni tomorrow. Trying to get my head round the fact that I'll be sleeping in Wales tomorrow night. It's a very odd thought. Part of me keeps thinking that this is all a massive practical joke, like that one TV show... idk, Candid Camera?

Most everything's packed. All the posters are gone from my walls so my sister can happily redecorate while I have no idea what she's doing to our room. Picked out some PS2 and DS games, taking Birth By Sleep aaand Peace Walker.

Trying to find my birth certificate. I'M SURE MUM SHOULD HAVE IT BUT SHE HASN'T HAD ANY LUCK EITHER. I can't quite decide if I'm excited, terrified or... what. It'll be a change at least. I just can't believe it's really rolled round.
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Well, my Leeds accomodation stuff has all been sent off and they sent me an email to let me know it's being processed. Hopefully I'll get somewhere nice and cheap. All that's left now aaaare my exams which seem both very near and far-off, probably because they're after half term and I still have a nice little cushion of just over a week before my first one.

Cut for exam schedule. )


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