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So, got my A-level results yesterday. The morning started off kind of badly when I logged into UCAS and the first thing I saw was YOU ARE IN CLEARING. After a minor freakout, I actually went and got my results which were... heh. I'm very pleased with my Latin grade, at least.

Spoke to the Head of 6th Form about various options and then headed back home to start looking for Clearing vacancies. And now? I'll be going to the University of Wales, Lampeter to study Classics! I think I've actually done pretty well out of this, I was lucky as hell to get a place, especially in such a lovely place. It's in the Welsh countryside and from the videos and pictures I've seen, it looks absolutely beautiful. It's the oldest uni in Wales and the smallest in the UK - less than a thousand students, which is less than my high school, wtf.

I move in on October 4th. I have a month-ish to get ready, which hasn't quite sunk in yet... but I guess I'm officially a student now :)
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So I've got No More Heroes 2 now (found it pre-owned for £14.99 and used the last of my GAME vouchers to buy it), and the first thing I hear is Roy Campbell telling me about REVENGE and Travis Touchdown's Desperate Struggle. ...Okay, it obviously wasn't literally Campbell but I couldn't help snrking when I heard his voice. Skelter Helter sounded familiar, from Peace Walker, looks like. ...And looking at NMH2's imdb entry, it's just full of MGS voice actors.

Also, I notice that I get to have real blood instead of black pixels.

Oh, in other news? A-level results tomorrow. Kind of scared shitless. Had a dream where I got a C in Latin - more of a nightmare, really, ugh. We'll see how it goes.
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That was the best exam ever. I love Latin.

Tomorrow, C3, Chemistry on Thursday, Greek and C4 on Friday. THE END IS... ALMOST IN SIGHT. SORT OF.

Asked for an extenstion on my [ profile] route_29 reserve, made a start on some kink_bingo fic, need to do some study for tomorrow, also must buy birthday present for friend and decide what to wear when we see the Scissor Sisters next week.

My sister has discovered how cruel anonymous can be. One of her friends has a formspring and apparently nobody was asking questions, just leaving nasty comments all over it. People suck sometimes.
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Well, my Leeds accomodation stuff has all been sent off and they sent me an email to let me know it's being processed. Hopefully I'll get somewhere nice and cheap. All that's left now aaaare my exams which seem both very near and far-off, probably because they're after half term and I still have a nice little cushion of just over a week before my first one.

Cut for exam schedule. )
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So I found a thing

Aaaand, let's see. Exams are over now. I need to unwiiiind... RE5 on the 360 later, maybe. Right now I'm keeping an eye on the dog. Just finished playing DSC a bit, Alfred is so silly, the poor man. Almost makes me want to app him again but I've already got a waiting list.

I want to give Wesker a new layout again...

Other than that, not - OH wait lmao, I was playing RE4 last night and made a right idiot of myself getting killed by Krauser twice because I was checking Plurk instead of playing and then I got killed by the goddamn lasers. Also, I am still pretty good at DMC3. SSSTLYLISH~ Also, also! I snuck up on that one regenerator, I was so impressed with myself. The eyes are so horrible.

Oh, yeah, Sarah, I added you on Plurk, though I know you don't use it, lmao.

And pffffft, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories comes out on the 5th March. I want it, you get to colour stuff in.


the pokémon meme
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If I never have to see another iterative formula again, it'll be too soon.

Fuck you, C3.

Also, I made my profile pretty!
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Just got hoooome and my stuff from Amazon is here, two days late. Dead Rising and RE5 for the 360 and the first volume of the Full Metal Panic manga.

Thanks for the good luck wishes for Friday! I spent a lot of today revising and I'm feeling more confident now. I should get to doing some more, and trying out these games. Soon, I really will ask dad about letting me use his Live account.

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Dec. 4th, 2007 10:01 pm
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God, my head hurts. Or at least, it aches and it's starting to bug me. Anyway. *sighs* I feel so weird lately. I'm at a really important part of my education right now, what with GCSEs and exams and stuff. And we're choosing A-Levels and you have to pick the right ones, because if you're not careful, universities might not accept you. And so I'm really stuck. My dad thinks I should be a doctor in the RAF, says it's a great opportunity. And it is, but the more I consider it, the less I want to do it. Yeah, he's right, but something about it doesn't appeal... I think it's the fact that it's a sort of army type thing and I have had enough of armies to last a lifetime. History does that to you and I have no wish to be part of it.

My other options at the moment are geneticist or english teacher. I actually love the idea of teaching. Dad thinks I won't earn enough but yeah, I know he's probably right again, yet I still like the idea. I'll probably do what I want. Dad knows that I have the ability to do what I want, and he won't stop me, so that's good! It's just I feel like I'm being swept along towards something I don't want to do. Nasty feeling.

Whatever. My new user pic is cheering me up! I got KH2 and I've been doing pretty well with it, though Demyx IS agressive, whatever he says! The bugger killed me! Well, he didn't kill me: he made 10 water forms and I had to kill them all in 10 seconds! Sounds easy? Well, it's not. So there. Axel is still super hot/cute/sweet! But I can't wait 'til DMC4 comes out. No Vergil, but... well, maybe Kobawhatsit is trying to throw us off the scent? Dante looks even cooler than ever (like a cool uncle! *hides from a certain person*), Nero seems okay, Gloria walks like a slut! Kyrie is totally gonna pull out guns from under that innocent dress and shoot EVERYONE! Yeah, I'm determined that she's evil somehow. And Trish's hair looks weird... whatever, DMC4 will still ROCK!


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