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The Island, Pt 1 (Dawn) by Pendulum.

Or MK ULtra by Muse.
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I've been a bit quiet on here again. I spend more time on tumblr lately (completeglobalsaturation if you want to check that out.)

So what's up. I'm at home right now, just come to the end of my first week of holiday. Got another two weeks. I can make this somehow. I'm missing everyone a lot more than I did over Christmas. Maybe because the last term was longer and probably also because I've got many more people to miss. And also of course I've gotten to know everyone even more. Overall this term's been a lot better than the last - I think I would've wanted to leave if I hadn't moved rooms, so that by itself improved matters a lot. The past few months have certainly had their ups and downs, as life always does. I think the ups just about outweigh most of the downs, I'm not too sure. I've certainly had to straighten a lot of things out, sort of had to man up in some ways. Hopefully I'll be better for it.

ANYWAY, so far I've spent this week doing some work with mum to get some extra cash in and also been playing a lot of Mass Effect. I had to start a new game because I'd totally forgotten what I was up to last time but I have been progressing well~ usually I don't take time to do side missions and stuff but I have been very diligent about the assignments and so on in this game.

I definitely haven't been around online as much as I used to and it means I don't talk to a lot of people as much as I did. Maybe the holiday will give me a chance to change that slightly and get my ass in gear with RP. I'm trying to work on an app for Jacuzzi Splot at DDD, guess I'll see how that goes.

I dunno, I think that's it.
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I thought it was longer since I'd updated, APPARENTLY IT'S ONLY BEEN A WEEK

hi guysssssss

Funny thing. I'm not actually drunk but my mind is running on a high as if it is. So like, I've got all the buzz and random thoughts WITHOUT all the typos and falling down and feeling ill, isn't that great.

Life has been interesting. I am not going to go into massive detail but it has been up and down as it is wont to do. This seems to be a high right now.

I go home from uni innn about a week, Dad comes to get my on April 9th I do believe. I've generally enjoyed this term although in many ways it has been Very Turbulent.

Also bloody hell there were a lot of updates today. I KNOW I DON'T COMMENT/UPDATE MUCH MYSELF but I read all the entries.

So yeah.

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No and no. Telling people my feelings has always been something I struggle with, even now.
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I'm still not sure how I feel about roleplaying lately. Hopefully on Tuesday I'll be able to come off hiatus after I've handed in a couple assignments but at the moment, I'm not as enthusiastic as I'd like to be. Before when I've been on hiatus, I couldn't wait to get back to RPing but lately I've been sort of 'eh' about it. But maybe I just need to actually do some tagging and get into it. - SNAP THAT REMINDS ME, I OWE A TAG WITH CROW. Aha, yeah, I was trying some non-committal tagging, so to speak, in DRs and stuff. It does sort of help.

Cut for blah about my weekend. )

What's up with you guys?
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Oh yeah, that Pokemon meme, huh?

The next one's Poison but I don't use Poison much and I don't have my DS on me to check, so instead, uh...

Well, what's been happening? I've been spending a lot of time just hanging out with friends recently. I got Marvel vs Capcom 3 last week and though I don't have my own Xbox here at uni, one of my friends does and he's very happy to let me have a play on it, so generally a group of us pile into his room to play stuff. I really love it already, it's a completely manic game. Amaterasu is proving more effective than I'd expected! And Wesker is just hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. My friends had to put up with me going through all his voice files, hahaha.

Uh, uni's been good. We're doing select letters from Ovid's Heroides in Latin at the moment - Penelope, Phyllis, Dido and someone whose name I have forgotten. Nearly finished the textbook in Greek and I'll soon be working on one of Lysias's speeches. I had a test yesterday, actually, and the unseen translation in that was some unadapted Lysias, something about some guy called Eupholetus (idk the spelling) defending himself for killing his wife's lover. Fun stuff.

I've gone on hiatus at my two games, because I felt like I wasn't around enough to do my characters justice. I'm still a bit uncertain on what to do about RP but I'm excited about some stuff I could be doing soon, so hopefully I'll get back into that.

Oh, I have a tumblr now, completeglobalsaturation.

I don't think there's anything else pressing UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah. There's a few things that need figuring out but isn't that always the way?

The first of these things is my lack of bread.
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I like how I had an entry not long ago saying not to go to bed at 7:30am.

Since then, I've been to bed at about 10:00am. Twice. Self, look at your life, look at your choices! It's generally for the same reasons - that is, go out, have a drink and a good time, go play video games with friend and then watch film with friend. One of those nights was spent watching Balls of Steel instead because that program is amazingly ridiculous and Neg is my favourite.

Also why are Pringles delicious.
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I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Goddammit. Yeah I dunno I guess the correct term is FML.
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Day 7: Fighting

I don't use Fighting types often but I started playing Leaf Green on an emulator and I went out and caught this:

Look at that angry little bastard. Look at the anger in its eyes. Fucking awesome thing, did me proud against Brock (I love that his Pokemon were weak to fighting attacks ahahahahah.)

Pokemon Meme. )
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Day 6: Ice

Another one I use very rarely. Um.

...It's pretty?

Pokemon Meme. )
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The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.

Something like that, anyway.

Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

AW, SHIT. I have. No. Clue. There are so many games that I love and that I'd be so sad if I never got to play again but that said, the one game I've missed being able to play for the last... 4 months or so is Resident Evil 5.

We'll go with that.

Pokemon Heart Gold is pretty fucking fabulous though.

Video Game Meme. )

Day 5: Grass

Not a massive fan of grass pokemon. However:

My Roserade, named Alexia, served me very well indeed in Diamond.

Also, all my Pokemon were named after RE characters. The PC was Chris. The rival was Wesker. I didn't realise how hideously inappropriate that was until it was too late.

Pokemon Meme. )
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I was by the Classics lecturer offices earlier today. Saw a flier about taking your PGCE for Classics at Cambridge or King's. That's the qualification you need to teach in a secondary school, which is what I want to do.

I'm... not sure why this seems important enough to post. The flier itself was hard to spot, hidden behind a load of other things. Pure luck that I saw it. ...I guess it feels important because it just seemed right that I see that flier. Obviously it's waaaay too early to apply or anything but I'd been wondering recently about how one gets to do a PGCE anyway and it was like an answer.

HAHA YEAH I DUNNO I was just really excited to see it.

Also moved rooms in my halls. So fucking happy not to be on a floor full of messy bitches.
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Day 29 - A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Resident Evil: Dead Aim, actually. It's surprisingly fun, even with the graphics being terrible and the voice acting leaving a lot to be desired - also what's with the subtitles being completely mismatched with what's actually being said? Anyway, the gameplay isn't too bad, and it seems that the style of play in Revelations will be similar, so maybe it'll a bonus.

Video Game Meme. )

Day 4: Electric

Ampharos wrecks shit. Mine was a girl named Yue and she kicked ass in the Elite 4 for me and is generally the highest level pokemon in my party because she's just so badass.

Pokemon Meme. )
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Day 28 - Favorite game developer.

I'd say Capcom but I think they're more a company than developer...? Idk. Either way, most of my favourite series and games have come from them. Even though they continually fuck me over in many ways... I can't quit them. Sigh.

Video Game Meme. )

Day 3: Water

My choices are probably really obvious but... I fucking love Gyarados. He's a beast and a half and fucks up shit wherever he goes and I called mine Excalibur.

Pokemon Meme. )
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I'm already recognising the pattern in me again. Just got back from being out with my mates and all I want to do is cry and I don't know why and yep, I feel stupid for it, I know it's stupid but does that make me feel better? nope.

Also recently I feel... idk. Weird about RP. As if I don't care so much about it anymore. Maybe part of it is that I've got a proper semblance of a social life at uni whereas before I never used to go out, never had much else to do. Or it could just be me feeling unmotivated. I don't think I enjoy it as much lately. Which sort of sucks.

I'll probably be fine about it in a week or so, heh but, well, like I said, trying to say these things instead of keeping them bottled, however silly or inane they are because I know what happens when I don't let it out.

Anyway, goodnight.
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Two memes again BECAUSE I CAN.

Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.


...Oh, man, I can think of a lot for this one. There's that moment in Shadow of the Colossus when you're travelling to find the very last Colossus and in the distance you see some massive... tower, and you might think, "It's at the top of that, right?" But then you get closer and you realise you are oh so wrong. The Colossus IS that whole damn tower. And you just have this moment of "OH SHI-" dawning on you as you realise you are supposed to kill that thing.

I always massively enjoy the scene in DMC3 when Vergil shows up to help Dante against Arkham because they're finally doing what brothers should do and working together even if it goes to shit barely ten minutes later :(. Relatedly, in DMC1 when Mundus is about to shoot laser eye things at Dante, after having just killed Trish, and Dante deflects that shit and his eyes are GLOWING RED FUCK YEAH, and you can see that this really is the Son of Sparda - THAT'S A COOL MOMENT TOO.

Metal Gear Solid 2, crashing into that big building the name of which escapes me I'M NOT AMERICAN SO I CAN'T REMEMBER AND I'M A BAD MGS FAN, SUE ME don't actually sue me and you're standing atop that wreckage, that was pretty badass until Solidus busted in with his speech and the AI won't get off your CODEC and you end up wanting to yell LET ME PLAY THE GAME NOW. But MGS3 topped that with the Boss in the field of flowers and I can already feel myself wanting to cry just thinking about that :( :( :( :( :( also that corridor in MGS4 and when Johnny and Meryl team up and so cute forever ;;


First time you dispel a cursed zone in Okami

Fighting Xemnas at the end of KH2 with Riku

Zack and the numberless army /CRIES FOREVER

HAH when Wesker throws his shades at Chris


When the girl in ICO reaches for you across that bridge ;A;!!

True Ending of Persona 4. The music really helps too.


Video Game Meme. )


Day 2: Fire

Yes, Cyndaquil. Not Typhlosion. Not Charizard. Not whatever other fire types you can think of, CYNDAQUIL, god I love that little thing so much ;3;

Pokemon Meme. )
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TODAY we have two memes for the price of one.

Day 26 - Best voice acting.

Resident Evil 1 on the PS1.

OAKY SO ACTUALLY IT'S REALLY TERRIBLE but also it's really hilarious and it cracks me up so badly, I don't even care if it's horrible. Chrrrriiiiis, stop iiiiiiit.

Er, but really... I quite like Persona 4's voice acting, although is it just me or do 's' sounds always sound a bit odd? It's more noticeable in P3, I think, especially with Mitsuru and Yukari. Also I like what I remember of Final Fantasy XIII's voice acting.

Video Game Meme. )

As for the other meme, IT'S A POKEMON MEME that I'm getting from [ profile] tealite. So, SEVENTEEN DAYS OF POKEMON.

Day 1: Normal

I don't use Normal Pokemon like... ever... but:

So adorable oh my god I can never get over how cute and fuzzy and everything Eevee is.

Pokemon Meme. )
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It takes me way too long to get to sleep these days, particularly when I really want an early night and even though I'm exhausted, it still takes me forever. I need to do something about that :\

First though, Latin exam tomorrow, and then I'm done with exams for now.

...Also, my hip hurts and I'm not sure why...
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Day 24 - Favorite classic game.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Not a clue. What's a classic anyway? I guess MGS1 would be up there. Shadow of the Colossus is totally a classic. Idk.

That was a terrible answer so:

Day 25 - A game you plan on playing.

Killer7, because I've seen mentions of it on my plurk and after some investigating it looks absolutely batshit and amazing. I have actually started it and it really is... completely fucked up. In the best way possible. I love it already.

The Whole Meme. )
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My first exam is tomorrow morning at 9:30. Intermediate Greek.


I'm fairly confident but eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh. It's the principle of the thing. Exams.




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