Jun. 5th, 2011

suckmy12inch: (dreamless dorm)
I took another RP hiatus over the last month during my exams. Strictly speaking, I should be off it by now and could be quite easily. Really, I have plenty of time to RP. No work or exams to do.

But I'm coming to realise just how much I don't miss it. Or how much I don't miss it when I'm at uni, anyway. That said, I was still a bit fail with it over the holidays. I'm just generally not bothered about it anymore. Maybe I could use a long clean break from it. Or just a complete and utter break, and leave it at that.

Also, entirely unrelatedly, it's bloody funny how things work out. I didn't mean to spend most of my afternoon/evening with this one person, I had in fact intended not to do so, give myself some distance, and then just the opposite happened. Not a terrible thing, necessarily, but I can't help feeling it's bad for me sometimes.

How about that Doctor Who, eh? I suddenly cottoned on about halfway through the episode, because of the names. Practically smacked my forehead.


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