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So basically over the past few weeks or so, I've been sort of worried about a friend. I've been worried that, because of a misunderstanding which I'm not going into, this friend's maybe not interested in being my friend anymore. It's something that really needs sorting out face to face, I think, but I won't be able to do that until I go back to uni in September. So yeah, I'd been worrying, until a couple days ago and especially today.

I've decided that, if necessary, I'm not letting this friendship end without a good fight. It might be I'm actually overreacting and there's no need to worry but if there is, then I'm making this promise to myself that I'm not going to just let my friend walk away or something. And this post is here to remind me of what I've said and to make sure I don't try and slip out of doing it when the time comes. I've made too many mistakes with regards to my friends over the last few months and I don't intend to keep on doing it.

BTW i am totally doing those songfics, i've just been a bit busy over the last couple days and i also wanted to pick the songs first so. YEAH.


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